story1Twenty-four years ago, the Gurulé family welcomed at home a Spanish student. She had come to study an entire course in Denver (Colorado). The result of this exchange, not only personally, came into contact with the culture of that country and hence its cuisine. There were times in which, the Spanish, it was not very well known here in the United States. At first, they were captivated by dishes like the famous "paella", "tortilla de patata", "jamón" and good wines that were grown in the country. Later, when the culinary knowledge were more profound and extensive, discovered other highly palatable and high quality products such as, cheese, oil, sausages, and many others. After many visits to Spain, the Gurulé family has seen firsthand the culinary excellence of that country and was able to taste the best delicacies, those mentioned like many others, that are elaborated in Spain.  Today, twenty four years later, the result and fruit of that knowledge and continuous exchange, sets in motion an exciting project that will bring all American homes the food and wine delights from Spain. A project that brings to your table the best guaranteed products. Today, we are given the opportunity directly to savor Spanish products for you to experience firsthand all the delicacy of them. Here is the result and the beginning of this road traveled. We hope that this project will serve you as an opportunity, if you have not done it before, let yourself be carried away by the senses and can experience a world of flavors and sensations are waiting. Come and taste... 

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