LA DOLCE VITA -SWEET VERDEJO- 2014ladolcevitathik

Variety: 100% verdejo.

Serving temperature: 6 º C-9 º C.

Tasting: bright yellow, with varietal aromas, citrus tones and certain tropical fruits like pineapple. The palate is rich, creamy and sweet, with some acidity that gives balance and persistence.

The harvest is done with overripe grapes. This natural white wine, ferments at controlled temperature and when it reaches the desired amount of sugar a drop in temperature and sterilizing filtration is carried out to stop fermentation.

It is therefore a unique opportunity to approach an unmatched taste and palate, an opportunity that is now provided that will delight your guests to a good table, whose memories will be forever with them. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to give to yourself or anyone who wants this gift so splendid and generous, will thank you.

The winery:  Wineries Vega de Tera is located on Castile and Leon, Spanish region where the best wines of the European continent are elaborated – Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Toro.

Our wines are elaborated with grapes of our own vineyards or with controlled vineyards.

Currently, we have 20 hectares of our own vineyards, with grapes of the varieties Tempranillo and Verdejo; and we control 12 hectares of 80 years old vineyards with grapes of the variety Prieto Picudo.

Vineyards are located on sites with high temperatures during the months of July and August, and with clay soils; there are abrupt changes between the day and night temperature, and the soil receives a low amount of water. The result is well-structured wines, with optimal alcoholic content and intense colour.

With this raw material, for their elaboration, modern techniques are combined with the traditionof decades, obtaining wines of a maximum quality.


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