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Bodegas Vega de Tera: the birth of a great wine

The arrival of Miguel Regil the world of wine, you can say it was by chance, motivated by a passion for wine he shared with his father in law, Manuel Cuñarro.

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 Miguel Regil, manager Vega de Tera wineries.

I starting from the beginning, Manuel's passion for wine, took him 7 years ago to embark on a project with three other partners to make a winery with the idea of ​​making quality wines. During this time, Manuel was left a little margin management, which is in the hands of the other 3 members, scholars are assumed in this matter. During those years, marked by a severe economic crisis that has affected and continues to affect Spain, the winery did not get the expected results, so in 2012, it was practically closed.

In 2013, Miguel Regil, coming from the railway industry (commercial director of a Spanish engineering), but had always had a keen interest in wine he suggested to Manuel, both to stay with the winery. The aim was clear: to remove the hold on producing quality wines at a reasonable price, covering the entire product range.

Miguel by training (Senior Engineer) had no idea how to make wine, but had things very clear about what to do and how wines, so the first thing he did was have Xavier Iturria, wine expert, and he conveyed his ideas.

Xavier Iturria is a renowned French, natural winemaker from Bordeaux, who has worked for Spanish and French premier wineries. He came to Spain seeking to make different wines, and has worked for both the best wineries Rivera de Duero (Bodegas Mauro) and Toro, where he worked with the Lurton brothers and Michel Rolland (one of the most famous winemakers in France). Bodegas Vega de Tera offered the technical direction of the hold for free to the elaboration of wines and Castilla y Leon offered the best variety of grapes to make different wines based on quality.


Xavier Iturria, winemaker Vega de Tera wineries.

The three quickly defined the type of wine they wanted to do, and that had to be based on the quality and care of the raw material and processing, following ecological and traditional practices.

The results are as expected, and that can be checked by testing the wines.

What we can say is that each wine has its nuances, its specificity, which is what we are looking for, there's our motto of:

"Making a difference. An invitation for great wines of unique grapes, selected in which the force of the earth and the art of man meet. This is our motto, and our desire, the confidence that can currently make a great wine anywhere in the geography of Castilla y León, fulfilling the greatest virtue of wine: its variety, its capacity, with the same be one in each place, in each crop in each winery "

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