There is no reference to the harmonious relationship between cheese and wine tax rule. At the end of the day it's all about taste. The main thing is that you enjoy with pleasure.

As a tip for those who want to delve into the complex and fascinating world of marriage, the proposal is experiencing at the moment with the wine and the cheese will enjoy it and open yourself to all possibilities.

When it comes to taste a cheese board it is important to find the balance of a wine that harmonizes in a general way with the most cheeses and that will also function with personal tastes.

In the world there are endless types of cheese. Their different styles and flavors are the result of using different species of bacteria and mold levels cream in milk, variations in healing time and other differences in the process.

By wine, the amount of existing classes is also important since, in addition to grape or strain types, soil in which they are grown, amount of sugar and color, are those resulting from the mixture of each .

As a result of the two elements (cheese and wine) it is possible to obtain a complex list of combinations that must be well thought out, especially since dairy, even the mildest, tend to prevail over their companions.

For more details on these mixtures are some combinations that might be to his liking.

Brie cheese is a white moldy cheese edible white rind. Pair it with Syrah, Cabernet, Malbec, generic wines of good body.

Goat cheese are ideal to taste them next to rose wines as Prieto Picudo.

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Camembert cheese is a soft cheese with white bark fungus fuzz penicilum candidium is ideal if you serve young reds Tempranillo, Malbec, Pinot or Merlot.

The Cheddar cheese goes with young reds Tempranillo, Prieto Picudo or Merlot.

Fontina cheese is brown and very mature skin. Experts advise eating with Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon; both good body.

Fresh cheeses, talk mozarella, Ricotta, Cotagge or Burgos. They are sour, moist aroma and creamy texture. Wonderful if you eat sipping Rioja Torrontés, fruity white or pink as Albarín young and fruity pink wines like Tempranillo or Prieto Picudo.

The Gouda cheese always be accompanied with a Sauvignon Blanc or Viognier hard, young Merlot or Malbec.

Cabrales cheese kind of blue cheese is characterized by its spiciness, must be accompanied with red wines of upbringing and care, Tempranillo and Cabernet are very desirable.

Zamorano cheese is a sheep cheese that is characterized by well developed aromas and intense, persistent flavors on the palate, it is advisable to book the pairing with red Tempranillo.

As a curiosity, it notes that there is a very famous saying in Spain: "do not give you with cheese." This means something like do not be fooled. And the origin of the expression has to do precisely with the mixture of the flavor of these foods. It turns out that the cheese is able to fool the taste buds making them insensitive to certain defects of low quality wines. They knew this ancient wine merchants ... and profited from it. When a trader had a particularly bad batch of wine, gave it a try when possible buyer accompanied with a bit of cheese, it made wine yet still very bad result and exquisite to the buyer.