Our best grapes I: Prieto Picudo

Prieto Picudo is a red grape variety which some unique wines are obtained, as this is the only grape variety in the world that only occurs in the province of Leon, north of Zamora and a small area northeast of Valladolid in the Region of Castilla y Leon.

Prieto means tight and Picudo means pointed. Prieto Picudo grape is easily distinguished by its tight cluster, berries like pine nuts and blue-black skin.

The vine is presented with the buried head and spreading branches along the ground; this makes your pruning is unlike any other, although currently planting method is common for the vine trellises. Planted on trellises, to improve their production, without having established that type of pruning is the most convenient, it is safest thumb and rod, which ensures good production, but has the disadvantage of a well to pruning and tied back.

"El vino de aguja" prepared with "madreo" method: this grape produces a unique wine. The process of this wine is to cause a second slow fermentation, improving its quality, giving the spicy typical of dissolved CO2 naturally, without being sparkling. This second fermentation is accomplished by adding to the must, picked and whole grapes Prieto Picudo. The maximum proportion of grape Prieto Picudo  is required throughout the process.


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